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hamm_daily's Journal

Hamm Daily | Your daily dose of Jon Hamm
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• A visuals-only community.
• Posting is not open to public
• Feel free to message me with photo submissions.
• Tawdry comments are both welcomed and encouraged. ;)
• Straight-up porn, on the other hand, is not.
• For news and gossip, visit madmen_tv.
• For icons and graphics, visit madmen_graphics.
• Want to affiliate? Message me!
• Jon Hamm. Jon Hamm. Jon Hamm. *falls over*

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don draper, jon hamm, jon hamm wearing glasses, jon hamm's "do-me" eyes, jon hamm's ass, jon hamm's chiseled jaw, jon hamm's hair, jon hamm's pants-dropping smile, jon hamm's personality?, jon hamm's scruffy face, jon hamm's sculpted body, mad men